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MA Economics First Year - Reference Books in English Medium Combo


MEC-01 Micro Economic Analysis - IGNOU Guide Book For MEC001 - Hindi Medium

MEC-001 Micro Economic Analysis (ENGLISH)

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MEC-1 Micro Economic Analysis


Consumer Behaviour
  • Theory of Consumer Behaviour: Basic Themes
  • Theory of Demand: An Alternative Approach
  • Recent Development of Demand Theory
Producer Behaviour
  • Theory of Production
  • Theory of Cost
  • Production Economics
Price and Output Determination-I
Perfect Competition
Monopolistic Competition
Price and Output Determination-II
  • Non-Collusive Oligopoly
  • Collusive Oligopoly
  • Alternative Theories of Firm–I
  • Alternative Theories of Firm–II
Welfare Economics
  • Pigovian Vs Paretian Approach
  • Social Welfare Function
  • Imperfect Market Externality and Public Goods
  • Social Choice and Welfare
General Equilibrium
  • Partial and General Equilibrium Approaches: Pure Exchange Model
  • Production without Consumption
Economics of Uncertainty
  • Choice in Uncertain Situations
  • Insurance Choice and Risk
  • Economics of Information
Non-Co-operative Game Theory
  • Modeling Competitive Situations
  • Solution Concepts of Non-Cooperative Games
  • Repeated Games 
  • Games of Incomplete Information

MEC-1 Book: Micro Economic Analysis

Subject Name Micro Economic Analysis
Subject CodeMEC-01
Medium(Language): English Medium
Availability:In Stock
Edition:January 2020

IGNOU MEC-1 Help Guide/Book 

Want to score Good in your IGNOU subject MEC-1? We are sure that this Ignou book for MEC 01 you get here will be of a Great Help. Since IGNOU MA Economic program is a distance learning course and you have to study while working or doing some other course simultaneously. We very well under this fact and hence this IGNOU MEC-1 Guide/Book in English Medium for Micro Economic Analysis comes to you with great help.


This particular MEC01 Guide Book comes with the following:

✓Chapter at a Glance (Means Summary of the lesson)
✓Previous 8 Years MEC-01 Solved Papers (that will give you brief Idea about the IGNOU prospective questions)
✓Chapter-wise Important Question and Answers.
✓Includes Large-Medium-Short questions according to Ignou exam pattern.
Order this MEC-1 Help Book in English Medium and get it at your door step, We provide hassle free delivery which is fast enough to reach you within 3-4 days’ time.

IGNOU MEC-1 Micro Economic Analysis

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