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IGNOU : MPA - 12 Administrative Theory (ENGLISH)


IGNOU : MPA - 13 Public Systems Management (HINDI)

IGNOU : MPA-12 Administrative Theory (HINDI)

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IGNOU MPA-12 Guide/ Book 

MPA-12 is first year subject for Ignou MA in Political Science. And this is a Help Guide/Book for IGNOU MPA 011 प्रशासनिक सिद्धांत. .
Subject Name  प्रशासनिक सिद्धांत(Administrative Theory)
Subject CodeMPA-12
Medium(Language): Hindi (हिंदी मीडियम) 
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Edition:January 2020

MPA 12 Help Book 

  • This is your perfect exam companion which helps your score big in your MPA-12 exam. Why this because it includes all your needs like- Previous exam papers, Important Question answers & exam friendliness.
  • This MPA 12 help book is based on current (Latest) Ignou syllabus for Ignou MA in political Science for 1st Year. This comes with Paper back, Paper quality is better, Language of book is easy to understand.
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 प्रशासनिक सिद्धांत - ADMINISTRATIVE THEORY
  • Public Administration: Meaning, Nature, Scope and Importance
  • Nature and Typologies of Organisation
  • Development and Growth of Administrative Theories
  • Scientific Management Approach
  • Administrative Management Approach
  • Max Weber’s Theory of Bureaucracy
  • Critique of Bureaucracy
  • Human Relations Approach
  • Views of Herbert A. Simon on Decision-making in an Organisation
  • Organisational Structure, Processes and Functioning
  • Socio-Psychological Approach: Views of Chris Argyris
  • Socio-Psychological Approach: Views of Abraham Maslow and Frederick Herzberg
  • Socio-Psychological Approach: Views of Douglas McGregor and Victor Vroom
  • Open and Cooperative System
  • Systems Approach: Views of David Easton and Chester Barnard
  • Concept of Learning Organisation
  • New Organisational Culture 
  • New Public Administration 
  • Perspective of Public Choice 
  • Pertinence of Critical Theory
  • New Public Management Perspective
  • State of Administrative Theory in 21st Century

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