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IGNOU : MPA - 15 Public Policy and Analysis (ENGLISH)


IGNOU : MPA - 16 Decentralisation & Local Governance (HINDI)

IGNOU : MPA - 16 Decentralisation & Local Governance (ENGLISH)

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MPA-16 Guide/Book

MPA-16 is 2nd year subject for Ignou MA in Political Science. And this is a Help Guide/Book for IGNOU MPA 016 Decentralisation & Local Governance.
Subject Name Decentralisation & Local Governance
Subject CodeMPA-16
Medium(Language): English
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Edition:January 2020

IGNOU MPA 16 Help Book 

  • This is your perfect exam companion which helps your score big in your MPA-16 exam. Why this because it includes all your needs like- Previous exam papers, Important Question answers & exam friendliness.
  • This MPA 16 help book is based on current (Latest) Ignou syllabus for Ignou MA in political Science for Second Year. This comes with Paper back, Paper quality is better, Language of book is easy to understand.
You won’t need any other book as this is enough to clear your MPA-16 (Decentralisation & Local Governance) exam in one shot. Try now- Order online- Get home Delivery.
MPA-16 Decentralisation & Local Governance Book Syllabus - 
  • Decentralisation: The Road Ahead
  • Sustainable Development and Challenges to Decentralised Governance
  • Capacity Building of Grassroots Functionaries
  • Structural Reforms: Resources, Finances, Powers and Functions
  • Micro Level Plans: Formulation and Implementation
  • Development Planning: Nature and Scope
  • Intra-Local Government Relationship- II- Urban
  • Intra-Local Government Relationship-I:- Rural
  • Organisational Structure of Urban Local Bodies
  • Organisational Structure of Rural Local Bodies
  • Features Of 73rd and 74th constitutional Amendment
  • Evolution of Local Governance (Before 73rd & 74th) Amendment
  • Impact of Decentralised Development
  • Partnership Between Local Government and Non-State Agencies/Actors
  • Partnership Among Different Levels of Government – II: Local Authorities and Special Purpose Agencies
  • Partnership Among Different Levels of Government – I: Union and State Governments
  • Components of Decentralised Development – III Equal Distribution of Benefits of Development
  • Components of Decentralised Development – II: Socioeconomic and Politico-administrative
  • Components of Decentralised Development – I: Empowerment
  • Understanding Decentralisation in Contemporary Settings
  • Contextual Dimensions of Democratic Decentralisation-Ii: Social, Economic and Geographical
  • Contextual Dimensions of Democratic Decentralisation-1: Political, Constitutional and Administrative
  • Concept, Evolution and Significance of Democratic Decentralisation

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